WOW! Curtis Bay is getting a new Recreation Center!

Exciting news is coming to the community of Curtis Bay! The historic development of a new rec center is on its way, replacing the existing center at 1630 Filbert St. This is a momentous occasion for the community and will bring over 10 million dollars into a critical part of our community that needs it most. 

The new development represents some real follow through from Mayor Brandon Scott and Councilwoman Porter’s commitment to equitable development. This breakthrough is the result of years of residents calling for improvements to the existing center, which was never fully funded or originally designed to function as a Recreation Center. Thanks to the availability of Federal infrastructure funding, we are able to secure investment to help transform the heart of Curtis Bay back into a vibrant center that will energize the whole neighborhood.

The new Recreation Center is particularly important due to the environmental justice context surrounding it. An open-air coal terminal that exploded in December 2021, and has long been the subject of health concerns in the community, operates within 1,000 feet from the Rec Center. The Center is also flanked by two one way diesel truck routes presenting air, noise and safety concerns. Finally, back in 2017 10 homes were destroyed by a fire and remain blighted to this day. However, with reforms at the coal terminal being committed to by regulators along with a plan for conversion of the roads around the Center into safe main streets and the active rehabilitation of the blighted vacant buildings —  the creation of the new rec center will help transform the heart of Curtis Bay back into the healthy core it can be! 

The investment in the new rec center will provide a safe and welcoming space for the community, and the development will bring much-needed resources to an area that has long been neglected. We look forward to an ongoing engagement process to make key choices about the new Center!

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