Community Spotlight

Curtis Bay is home to proud people, organizations and businesses working towards a stable, safe and healthy community for all.

Key organizations for a healthy and stable Curtis Bay

The Well

Partner in providing basic needs for residents, creating local jobs, and developing new programs in response to community priorities.


Implementation partner in developing quality permanently affordable housing, Zero Waste Infrastructure, environmental justice initiatives and development without displacement efforts.



Partner in Pennington and Curtis 2-way conversion initiative, main street development and supporting community priorities.

Filbert Street Community Garden provides a green space in South Baltimore’s urban and industrial landscape. FSG is home to the Baltimore Compost Collective and many other incredible community led efforts. 

Baltimore Broken Glass

A youth owned zero waste business creating local jobs and diverting glass from landfills and incinerators that pollute Baltimore. 

The Baltimore Compost Collective

A local service that collects food scraps from residences in Baltimore neighborhoods and composts the material at the Filbert Street Community Garden in Curtis Bay, where it is used to grow fresh produce and build urban food security.

Free Your Voice

A student led group that formed in 2012 and built community power to stop the biggest trash incinerator proposal in US history. The group’s heroic efforts now focus on making Curtis Bay a home for community and worker owned zero waste infrastructure.

Local 570

Has been fighting for working men and women for 80 years. By joining together, members have strength in numbers so that they have a voice at work about the issues they care about. We support them in the workplace and on the legislative and political fronts to ensure their best interests are represented.

Benjamin Franklin HS 

Curtis Bay Rec Center

Curtis Bay Elementary 

Baybrook Elementary Middle School

Ecological Design Collective

Towson University

Co-leads a participatory action research course at Ben Franklin HS with Free Your Voice and SBCLT. 

Maryland Department of the Environment 

Collaborating to deploy a hyper local air, land and monitoring network in Curtis Bay, increasing enforcement, and supporting implementation of Zero Waste Resource Recovery Park infrastructure. 


Bloomberg School of Public Health


University of Maryland